From print to digital multi-channels

For our customer FOCUS Magazin Verlag we developed and launched FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT Arztsuche, a digital product that is supporting multi-platforms with the objective to improve the search for the appropriate medical treatment in Germany. By professionally valuating more than 2 900 FOCUS top doctors and listing 280 000 specialists from all fields overall, search for a specialist offering the most effective medical treatment is significantly simplified.

The recommendation of medical specialists to the user is based on extensive research on service level and degree of specialisation, the valuation by experienced colleagues and scientific publications. An unique dataset and the independent and professional evaluation as well as user rating ensures a reliable and suitable choice for the patient.

“Transforming a classical but successful print product into an equally successful digital product poses a challenge. By applying their specified digital transformation toolkit, Innoactive enabled us to utilize this potential and offer substantial benefits to users and clients.” as said by Volker Bernhardt, Head of Publishing FOCUS line extensions.

Doctors throughout all medical specialisations are now able to demonstrate their professional experience, enhance visibility and shorten communication channels.
On the other hand, patients can rely on the unique and refined valuation system of FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT.

On-going services throughout the product development process:

  • Strategy workshops & process consultancy
  • Concept & design
  • Establishment of a reliable system in order to open up new markets and additional revenue streams
  • Development and implementation of frontend components on different operating surfaces such as iOS, Android and web based clients
  • Management of complex data adaption and processing and integration into existing Burda Application
  • Set up distribution system for online profiles to enhance visibility
  • Insertion of tools for sales process

Technical specifications

The platform was developed based on the Symfony 2 framework. We decided to use the open source framework due to its long term support as well as its broad community.

For direct download of the app click one of the links below: