Samsung showcases the Innoactive VR Soccer Experience for Gear VR at the HUB conference in Berlin

The VR Soccer Experience for Samsung Gear VR was developed as an internal project. After putting on the Gear VR, the Head-Mounted Display by Samsung, users are standing on the field of a football stadium and are surrounded by cheering fans and photographer’s flashlights. Due to the integrated full-body tracking technology, which is based on the Microsoft Kinect, users can see the movement of their virtual hands and legs and thus receive a unique and overwhelmingly immersive experience.

Based on the fact, that the experience was optimized for Samsung’s VR-Headset, the company approached us in order to use the experience to showcase at the Hub Conference in Berlin. The Conference, which is organized by Germany’s digital association stands for disruptive trends and smart technologies. Samsung therefore found the perfect solution to showcase its own product by using an innovative and exciting experience, that offers everything a soccer fan’s heart could wish for.

The experience brought a lot of attention to Samsung’s trade show booth and visitors highly enjoyed the challenge to beat the virtual goalkeeper.

For more information about the conference, please visit Hub’s website.